Monday, 22 July 2013

3 myths surrounding flat stomach

Everybody wants to look attractive. And as people see scores of attractive models and celebrities flaunting their perfect figure and physique on television and movie screens, they get all the more desperate to shed off the layers of fats in the shortest possible time so that even they can make heads turn some day. Now we know that most people live with the wrong notion of what exactly is attractive, but we are not going to go down that lane today. Today, we will focus on myths surrounding flat abs as ‘how to get aflat stomach’ is one troubles not just you but millions of people on the planet.
  •  Take diet or weight loss pills: When you see those ads with curvy models flaunting their flat abs, it can tempt you start popping these pills right away. But unfortunately, there is no such magic pill that can rip off the fats accumulated around your stomach. You must know that there’s absolutely no substitute for good amount of physical activity such as workout or sports.
  • Extra crunches: Crunches, just like any other exercise, are good provided you do not go overboard with them. Instead, focus more on fat burning which can be achieved by working out your whole body and not just the stomach region.
  • Packaged diet products do the trick: Do not ever fall for such foods thinking of them to be weight loss aids. They are stuffed with refined sugar and other artificial ingredient, which can in fact swell inflate your tummy instead of making it flatter.
So, dispel these myths and get in touch with fitness experts to know how you can get a flat stomach.

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